About the Li-Fi Consortium

The Li-Fi Consortium was founded in 2011. We are a non-profit organization, devoted to introducing optical wireless technology. The Li-Fi consortium’s charter members are a leading group of international technology companies and research institutions in optical communication technology. The group is based on a collectively developed concept and roadmap to establish new wireless technology in the market, which exceeds the abilities and qualities of wireless RF technology.

Until early last year, the Li-Fi Consortium had focused - beside the development of new technology - on academical exchange of knowledge. We organized our online Li-Fi Forums with experts from all around the world on a regular basis. During these first years we developed our road map and are very thankful for all the good input we got from various researchers and also technology companies. We decided to change direction and put our main emphasis on technology and product development only.

On our technological approach and current work

On our previous website, we showed the road map and our strategic focus. This focus has not changed. Our emphasis is still based on high speed communication. In order to achieve that, IR (infra red) data communication based on laser technology is still the main area we work in.

While we previously showed where we wanted to go, we now display the achievements of our work. The visitor to our website can find technology information in the side bar menu. Here we show our developed technology.

Companies who are interested in a cooperation with us, please, read the information on the page "join".


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