Best ALFA Networks Repeaters in 2022

Alfa Networks Repeaters

Alfa Networks Repeaters are great for extending Internet access to multiple devices in your RV or yacht. WiFi Camp Pro 2 comes with an outdoor 9 dBi Wi-Fi antenna and USB repeater/router that requires no technical expertise to install. The WiFi Camp Pro extends WiFi coverage to smart TVs and gaming consoles and enhances indoor WiFi coverage inside your RV or yacht. The repeater also scans for weak cellular signals and rebroadcasts extended Internet access to any smart TV or gaming console.

WiFi Camp Pro 2

The Camp Pro 2 Wi-Fi Repeater Pack Long-Range With Antenna is an affordable multi-device WiFi repeater that rebroadcasts your signal under a different network name. While it can boost your existing signal, its range may be variable depending on the location and environment. In areas where the signal is weak, it is recommended to use it. However, this repeater can also improve cell signal in RVs.

The WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit includes Alfa Desktop R36A WiFi Antenna, a USB-powered WiFi radio. These can be used for one computer or to connect to a WiFi-as-WAN receiver. When paired with an Alfa USB Repeater Module, it extends Wi-Fi to a wide area. Alfa Hardware has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality repeaters that can handle weak 2.4-GHz WiFi signals at long range.

The WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit comes with all components needed to extend WiFi hotspots. It detects and repeats weak Wi-Fi signals and even improves cellular signal strength. The updated Tube Unit improves data throughput and enables you to connect multiple devices. A wireless network can be extended to smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices, thereby reducing cell-phone costs.

Alfa Network R36A

The Alfa Network R36A repeater is a high-end WiFi extender that offers better throughput than the original R36. You need an Alfa R36 WiFi adapter and an Ethernet cable for initial setup. This WiFi adapter helps you scan for a local wireless network, then connect to it using a name and password. The Alfa R36A also has the ability to connect to multiple AWUS036NH devices. The high-end Wi-Fi adapter can extend the signal up to a distance of several hundred feet.

The Alfa R36A supports a WiFi adapter and emits signals on Channel 1 and 10. It is lightweight and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The R36A includes mounting brackets and a protective cover. It is suitable for use with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It is compatible with most routers and other WiFi access points. It supports multiple wireless networks and can be used to extend existing networks.

The Alfa R36A is a multifunction WLAN router that works with a wide range of wireless devices. It can connect to an existing home network, share data, and work as an internet access point. The Alfa R36A can be used to provide free internet access for multiple clients. For high-speed internet access, the Alfa R36A can be used in combination with an ALFA ONYX4G LTE stick modem.

Alfa Network Tube2H

The Alfa Network Tube2H repeater can be installed on any electrical outlet and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). In this way, users only need to plug in one ethernet cable instead of three or four. The length of the cable is not a limitation as long as it is at least 60 meters. As an added benefit, the repeater is PoE-capable and works with most outdoor WiFi antennas. Moreover, the Tube2H supports multiple wireless connections and works perfectly with the outdoor antenna AOA-2409TFA.

The ALFA Tube 2H is splash and weather-resistant and can be placed on boats and other places where the signal is weak. It can also be installed in a raised position in the open for good WiFi connections with remote WiFi hotspots. It supports all outdoor WiFi antennas with N-Female connectors. The N-Type connectors on the repeater are the only ones that can support N-Female connections.

Range of 5GHz

Alfa Networks repeaters are great for those who need to extend their WiFi network's range. The AIP-W525HU features a USB port and removable SMA antennas for easy antenna replacement. It is compatible with USB-powered WiFi antennas and works with Alfa AWUS036NHR and AWUS036NHV. They function as a WiFi Internet relay at long distances and have a range of up to 5GHz. The Alfa Network AIP-W525HU is compatible with both a Realtek chip and a Ralink RT3572.

The R36A supports a wireless range extender and can be used as a WiFi access point or Wireless Range Extender. This device connects to an external wifi network and shares that connection with ethernet-connected devices. Moreover, it has a USB port that can be used as an access point. The R36A is compact and features a user-friendly webinterface.

Another Alfa product is the Camp pro WiFi repeater. The Alfa Camp Kit 2 provides long-range WiFi coverage and is paired with an Alfa APA-L2410 10dBi panel. The repeater includes a USB router and an Alfa WiFi receiver that features a 9-dBi antenna with a fiberglass casing for added protection. If you are looking for a long-range Wi-Fi extender for your RV, this product is the best option for you.


If you are looking for an excellent value-for-money wireless adapter, consider an Alfa AWUS036H. This product was designed for marine and RV applications and is made of fiberglass for weather resistance. It offers a maximum gain of nine dBi and comes with specific upgrades to improve throughput speed and simplify setup. In addition to the AWUS036H, the Alfa AWUS036A WiFi antenna also comes with an upgraded USB adapter and simplified setup instructions.


If you want to extend your Wi-Fi network coverage to any area, you can get an Alfa Networks Repeater. The WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit includes an R36A USB repeater/router, an outdoor 9-dBi Wi-Fi antenna, and an Alfa USB repeater module. This combination can be used for WiFi hotspot Internet access or enhancing WiFi coverage in your RV or yacht. It can even scan for weak cellular signals and rebroadcast extended Internet access to your gaming consoles and smart TVs.

The ALFA R36 repeater is connected to a PC through an ethernet network cable. It also has a USB port for easy administration. Its software version and user name are standard. You will need an ethernet network cable or WiFi connection for initial configuration. However, most of the repeaters are open to all users. Some have limited access to users within range. These require you to transmit a tone to gain access to the repeater.

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