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Asus routers have Adaptive QoS

Asus routers have a unique feature known as Adaptive QoS. It enables you to prioritize Internet traffic, allowing certain applications to take priority over others. Generally, this feature prioritizes VoIP and video calls, so you can focus on other activities. However, if you are constantly moving around the house, the feature will not help you. The best way to configure your Asus router's QoS feature is through its web interface.

You can configure Adaptive QoS by choosing its Bandwidth Limiter and "Web History" tab. Then you can prioritize your traffic by determining how much bandwidth is needed for particular applications. You can also enable a traffic monitor or introduction demo, which will show you the amount of traffic during a certain time. For better quality of service, you must give your router some time to analyze the traffic.

While QoS can improve Internet speed, it cannot make it faster. It is a matter of degrees and nuances. While it helps some applications, it does not help others. Streaming videos with 4K resolution requires at least 25Mbps. If your internet connection does not meet this requirement, you could experience buffering and long wait times. But, Asus routers have Adaptive QoS that can help you enjoy the quality of your streaming media.

Dynamic DNS

If you're looking for a reliable and easy way to share data and multimedia contents, ASUS Computer Networking Dynamic DNS is an excellent option. With an easy-to-remember hostname and a convenient location on your network, the ASUS DDNS service gives you a powerful tool to achieve this. And as an added benefit, it's free for ASUS users. Unlike other dynamic DNS services, ASUS's DDNS is built directly into its wireless router, which means you'll never have to worry about distributing an unnecessary updater.

Dynamic DNS works on the principle that your IP address changes periodically. If you're on a cable or DSL connection, your WAN IP can change frequently, so using dynamic DNS will keep your IP address current. Your router, webcam, or PC will send a notification to your DDNS service provider when the IP address changes. During this time, the DDNS service provider will automatically update your address.

Parental controls

The Parental Controls settings of ASUS Computer Networking routers can help you keep track of your children's screen time. Set a time limit and block access to specific websites and applications for specified hours of the day or week. When children are using the router, screen time should end several hours before bedtime. Parents can also set up schedules to enforce these rules and limits in their homes. Once these are configured, you can view who is connected to your network.

The Parental Controls settings can also be set up to block access to certain websites or content on specific devices. Parents can set their child's access to the internet according to a schedule and by enabling or disabling parental controls on devices. The Parental Controls settings for ASUS Computer Networking make this process easy and flexible. There are two sections in the Control Panel: Web & Apps Filters and Time Scheduling. Each section includes clear instructions and an Add/Delete button to apply changes.


As an Asus user, you've probably encountered a problem with auto-rebooting. Despite the commonity of this problem, there's no definitive solution to the issue. However, you can take a couple of steps to fix this issue. First, open Device Manager and expand the Networking category. Next, select the device and choose Properties. Then, click the Power Management tab. Under the Power Management section, you can set the device to automatically reboot whenever the computer goes to sleep or shut down.

Adaptive QoS

Adaptive QoS helps you prioritize different applications. When you use your internet connection, the priority of each application will be set according to the type of content you're downloading. This can help you avoid overlapping services and maximize your bandwidth. QoS can help you allocate bandwidth between different devices. You can use it to prioritize certain applications, such as VoIP calls. It can also be used to prioritize Netflix streaming or certain file types.

As the name suggests, this feature prioritizes network traffic and provides enough bandwidth for priority applications. This feature does not interfere with your network performance, but it does help prioritize certain applications. Its bandwidth limiter and bandwidth monitor allow you to limit the speed of downloads and uploads to meet your needs. You can even choose the priority of different applications, and QoS can make it easy to allocate bandwidth to the best possible use of your network.


Once you've installed AiMesh, you'll need to configure your router and connect the other devices to it. To do this, you'll need to update the firmware on your ASUS router to the latest version. Also, you need to factory reset the router to make it discoverable by your main router. Once you've done this, you're all set! Here are some tips to get you started.

Asus routers come with AiMesh hardware, but its performance will vary depending on the router you use. Dual-band systems will automatically use Ethernet for backhaul, while tri-band routers will use one of the two 5GHz radios. The performance of your AiMesh network will depend on the router you purchase, but it's worth considering that most ASUS routers come with good hardware.

AiMesh is compatible with any AiMesh-enabled ASUS router, and works in much the same way as a dedicated WiFi network. Asus's software is still in early beta, so you may need to experiment a bit before you get a stable mesh network. Then again, the router's firmware is compatible with most popular home routers.


AiProtection for ASUS is a security feature that is bundled with certain Asus routers. This feature, which is developed in collaboration with Trend Micro, was originally added to the router five years ago to provide greater network security and an edge over competitors. Many critics viewed the feature as an overkill, and some people even labeled it a gimmick. But as online security became a more serious concern, AiProtection was no longer a gimmick.

This IPS engine is closed-source, hosted on Trend Micro servers. There have been some issues with it, including vulnerabilities related to crypto-mining and webcams. Asus has since fixed these problems and the software now has a database of over 50 million known vulnerabilities. Users can disable certain features temporarily. AiProtection for ASUS Computer Networking also provides protection against infected devices.

AiProtection for ASUS computer networking products continuously monitors security settings to ensure your home network is safe from intrusion. It also helps you identify malicious sites and protects your system from accidental misuse or infection. The software also helps you identify and block websites that contain Trojans. The security program also includes a Trend Micro watchdog that tracks the reliability of online domains. With this protection, your network is safe from the threat of hacker attacks.

Smart Connect

As the name suggests, ASUS Computer Networking Smart Connect is wireless technology designed to improve the Internet experience. This wireless technology is capable of monitoring the bandwidth and frequency resources of your Wi-Fi network, automatically connecting your devices to the appropriate band. As a result, you won't encounter congested networks with multiple clients. It also allows you to disable the Smart Connect feature if you don't want to use it.

The main downside of ASUS Computer Networking Smart Connect is its aggressive nature. Many users experienced frequent band-switching and disconnects. The fact that you can control a wide array of settings for Smart Connect made the installation and configuration of the router challenging for some users. The documentation provided by ASUS is not very helpful for this issue, and some users didn't expect to have to go through so much trouble just to figure out how the router worked.

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