Best Axiom Computer Networking Transceivers

Axiom Computer Networking Transceivers

If you are looking for high-quality computer networking transceivers, then look no further than Axiom. These computer networking transceivers are 100% MSA-compliant, and perform equally well as original transceivers. The multi-sourcing agreement between Axiom and OEMs ensures that Axiom transceivers are fully compatible with other brands within the same network.

100% Compliant With the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA)

Axiom computer networking transceivers are a cost-effective alternative to OEM. Designed to perform 100% in accordance with MSA specifications, Axiom transceivers are compatible with all major brands and platforms. Compliant with the Multi-Source Agreement, these transceivers can be used in all environments, and are compatible with other brands within a 1000BASE-T network.

Axiom's CFP2 100Gb Transceiver Modules are fully compatible with OEM networks. Compatible transceivers are pre-configured with application-specific code and work as efficiently as OEM-branded transceivers. Unlike OEM transceivers, Axiom's CFP2 100Gb Transceivers function seamlessly with all brands within the same network. OEM names are registered trademarks and are used for comparative purposes.


Axiom offers a variety of transceivers for various networking applications, including 1000BASE-LX interfaces, SFP, TAA-compliant, and more. Whether you are installing a transceiver for a single or multiple Ethernet ports, you'll want to ensure that the type of device you buy will meet your specific network requirements.

1000BASE-LX Modules

The Axiom GLC-LH-SMD-AX, a compatible OEM alternative to Cisco's 1000BASE-LX transceiver, is 100% compatible with Cisco products. Its factory-loaded application code ensures it's functionally identical to the original transceiver. Moreover, it has a Lifetime Warranty, and MSA compliance. It also features an integrated mini-GBIC transceiver module.

All transceivers manufactured by Axiom are fully compatible with OEM applications, and feature application-specific code for ease of installation. This means they perform the same as "Original" transceivers in any network. They work interchangeably with all other brands within the same network. Please note that OEM names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. These are used for comparison purposes only.

1000BASE-FX Modules

Axiom computer networking transceivers are designed to be compatible with the same brand of router or switch. They are pre-configured with the appropriate application code for each specific model, so they are 100% compatible. Axiom brand transceivers are functionally identical to those of the "Original Equipment Manufacturer" brand. Axiom transceivers may also be compatible with other brands' equipment in the same network.

These units are available in two versions: 1000BASE-FX and 1000BASE-D. The 1000BASE-D device operates on the same channel as the 1000BASE-U device, and transmits over a 1490-nm wavelength. The 1000BASE-D transmits at a lower wavelength and receives the signal at the higher wavelength, thus increasing its capacity. The 1000BASE-U module, on the other hand, is a dual-rate 100M/1G 10Km SFP with an optical link budget of 21 dB. Both devices are compatible with the IEEE 100BASE-LX/LH standards.

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