Best Epiphan Systems Inc. Streaming Media Players in 2022

Epiphan Systems Inc. Pearl Streaming Media Players

When you're ready to stream a high-quality video, it helps to know how to choose a streaming media player. Fortunately, Epiphan offers a wide range of streaming and recording systems. Their products can capture one source, two sources, and even 64 HD sources simultaneously. These players allow for customization of background images, logos, and other options. Streaming to CDN providers is supported via point-to-point, enterprise streaming servers, or CDN providers such as Wowza Streaming Cloud. In addition, they also support YouTube and Livestream streaming.

Pearl Mini

The Pearl Mini has an HDMI video output to send content to the front of house or to a larger confidence monitor. It can be configured to share any input source, including a switched program output. Users can control the output from a computer, mobile device, or set-top box. The Epiphan Live feature enables users to control the media player from different locations. This player also features a one-touch streaming mode. The device is easy to use and even inexperienced volunteers can use it without much training.

The Pearl Mini can record two HD video inputs and stream them simultaneously. It is easy to use and fits well into lecture halls, classrooms, and churches. It records live video and supports XLR, 1/4'' TRS, and 3.5mm microphones. It can also stream to an external USB drive or network storage. It also supports the latest security and file transfer technologies, including TLS/SSL encryption.

The Pearl Mini supports a range of streaming protocols and is capable of recording three full HD video inputs. It also supports HDMI, SDI, and USB sources. The device also supports live streaming and various streaming protocols, including RTMP, RTMPS, and HTTPS. Users can customize the IP address to suit their needs. The Epiphan Cloud gives users powerful remote production capabilities. The Epiphan Pearl Mini is a perfect choice for home and office users alike.

The Pearl Mini is easy to install and has a comprehensive list of features and controls. Users can record to SD card or copy recordings to a USB drive. The hardware-accelerated encoder ensures perfect H.264 encoding. In addition to this, the Pearl Mini supports web-based Epiphan Live. The Pearl Mini supports various audio inputs, including mic-level XLR and 3.5mm inputs. It also has individual gain controls.

The Pearl Mini is a robust, all-in-one video production system. It supports HDMI, SDI, and DVI inputs. The Epiphan Pearl Mini also supports picture-in-picture (PIP), image overlays, and time stamping. Moreover, users can use the Epiphan Pearl Mini for both recording and streaming. This powerful multimedia player is ready for use right out of the box.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use interface for managing multimedia content, the Epiphan Pearl encoders also enable easy upload to Panopto, a secure video content management system. It automatically transcodes videos for playback on multiple devices and indexes them for inside-video search. Additionally, the Epiphan Pearl is compatible with the most popular SSO identity management solutions. Panopto also allows video creators and administrators to manage their video content. This integrated, HD video player provides advanced ad-hoc and remote management features for managing video content.


The Epiphan Systems Inc. Pearl streaming media player has a built-in 500 GB SSD that is easy to access through the Admin panel. The player allows you to manage all of your files on the unit, and you can automatically or manually transfer them to external storage. The player's built-in touch screen makes switching between sources easy. Epiphan Live's easy-to-use interface allows you to control video source settings. You can even record multiple channels to a single file or split a single file into individual tracks.

For the ultimate video capture and streaming experience, Epiphan's Pearl Nano offers 4K recording and streaming. This device offers a huge touchscreen and supports HDMI(tm) and SDI connections. AV professionals worldwide can also use the Epiphan Pearl Nano to connect to a wide range of sources. The Epiphan Pearl Nano is the streaming media player of choice for AV professionals. While its price tag may scare you away, the product's high performance and versatility make it a great investment.

The Pearl-2 has two HDMI video output ports. With a front-mounted 3.5 mm audio jack, the user can switch between two different layouts on one screen. The Pearl-2's built-in streaming server supports RTMP, RTSP, Facebook Live, Wowza, and Akamai, among others. It can also publish live streams to a CDN or enterprise streaming servers.

If you're a business owner looking for a streaming media player for your online business, the Epiphan Pearl offers an excellent option. It is the most affordable streaming media player on the market, and its features are unparalleled. The Pearl allows you to capture high-quality video signals, encode them and record them. And thanks to its advanced speech recognition technology, it integrates seamlessly with many of the leading SSO identity management solutions.

The Pearl Nano supports up to 4K resolution. Its ultra-compact design places it in a different price bracket than the other models. Pearl Nano's firmware update adds free support for H.265 coding, which reduces file size by nearly half while maintaining the same quality as H.264, and it uses half as much upload bandwidth. The Pearl Nano is even able to broadcast at lower bandwidth levels.

The Pearl-2 is also capable of remote contribution and guest authentication with LDAP credentials. This player supports secure live streaming over HTTPS, 256-bit AES encryption, and a reliable, secure Admin panel. Pearl is also capable of automatic file uploading. With this powerful streaming media player, you can produce broadcast-quality content no matter where you are. Its features can help you create a better experience for your viewers.

Pearl Mini Touch

The user guide for Epiphan Systems Inc. Pearl Mini Touch shows the settings for video output port, aspect ratio, and frame rate. Users can also preview the video source by using the monitor included with the device. If the video source is connected to an HDMI port, audio will be played at 100% volume. If the source is not connected to an HDMI port, users can change the settings for the video output port to match the video source and channel.

The Pearl Mini has a hardware accelerated encoder that delivers flawless H.264 encoding for optimal performance. It records to an SD card and automatically transfers files to network storage, FTP, and SFTP. The device also has a built-in 7-inch touch screen that makes switching between layouts and video sources a breeze. The Pearl Mini also supports individual ISOs. It also has two HDMI inputs and is supported by multiple video formats.

To change the layout of the Pearl Mini, open the Admin panel. From here, you can select the Channels and Layouts menus. The layout editor page will appear. The channel with the big red circle is the "live" layout. Epiphan Live lets users control the Pearl Mini from their PC or tablet. The Epiphan Live interface lets you browse, control, and record channels. This interface also allows for live-stream previews.

To use the Pearl Mini, first enable UPnP on your network. If you encounter a UPnP error, restart the network service. Once this has been done, the user can remove viewer passwords, browse through server names, or even find the product serial number. After that, it will take a few minutes to download and install the latest firmware. It's free, so you don't have to worry about the cost of updating the firmware.

To change the video encoding settings, refer to the user guide for Pearl Mini. The default video encoding preset is Hardware Accelerated. Choosing the Video Encoding Software setting matches the results of previous generation Epiphan products. By default, the player uses H.264 video codec. This codec produces high-quality images while using low bandwidth. In general, this is the preferred codec for the Pearl Mini Touch.

To change the settings, you can pair the Pearl Mini to AV Studio. In AV Studio, you can remotely start and stop recording Pearl Mini channels. However, recordings made using AV Studio will not be stored in the same place as those made through other methods. To view recorded recordings, go to the upload queue in the Admin panel. Alternatively, you can access it directly on the Pearl Mini using the app.

The Pearl Mini has a 3.5mm audio jack. You can connect external speakers or headphones via this port. The user guide also includes an audio VU meter. The audio level is represented by colored bars in relation to the full scale. When listening to stereo audio, the device supports two bars instead of one. Using this device is not limited to watching movies and listening to music, but it offers many more options to users.

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