Join the Li-Fi Consortium?

The Li-Fi Consortium is an industry group open for collaboration with companies or organizations focused on the development and market introduction of optical wireless communication technology.


Joining the Li-Fi Consortium is not so much based on a formal relation, but rather on active collaboration. Hence, we do not claim membership fees but encourage our future members to step into active projects with defined aims and purposes.

With new members, we first try to understand the objectives of their collaboration and engage with them within smaller groups of companies, which are member of our Consortium and who are able to contribute to the specific project. Within these groups we are able to achieve goals and drive projects to success together. Our main focus is not so much academic research, but product development and the application of Li-Fi technology to real life products.


We also get regular inquiries from investors who understand the future potential of Li-Fi technology and who wish to invest in this technology. We connect these investors to the different individual projects we support. In this way we are able to offer them a choice for their investment.

We also welcome media inquities.

Please, make contact through our contact page.