Best Linksys Computer Networking Switches in 2022

Linksys Computer Networking Switches

Linksys computer networking switches come in two basic types - managed and unmanaged. Managed switches allow users to configure the network, and unmanaged switches don't. Managed switches can be configured to prioritize traffic, and unmanaged switches don't offer such a feature. In addition to allowing users to configure the network, managed switches offer features such as QoS to ensure that data throughput is high for certain devices. For example, QoS will ensure that video streaming and VOIP applications get the highest data throughput. Also, these switches will support Jumbo Frames (up to 9K bytes of payload per packet), which can reduce CPU cycles and overheads.

Linksys TL-SG1008PE

The Linksys TL-SG1008P Computer Networking Switch is an easy-to-install network switch. Its priority feature automatically prioritizes all the ports based on their priority. When there is an overload on power, the switch automatically cuts off power to the port with the lowest priority. It does this in order to ensure that only the most essential devices will remain functional. The switch also features an energy-efficient design.

This 8-port Gigabit desktop/rack mountable switch is capable of supporting the popular PoE+ standard, which enables high-powered devices to be powered via the Ethernet cable. The total power budget is 124W, with 30W per port. This is sufficient to power high-powered devices. This switch is designed with innovative energy-efficient technology to conserve up to 75% of power.

This switch is compatible with a wide range of network topologies. It features up to eight ports and can be wall-mounted and is available in both four and eight-port varieties. It comes with an AC power adaptor, a wall mount kit, a Quick Start Manual, and a CD with documentation. While most unmanaged Ethernet switches can be configured as plug-and-play devices, some also feature hardware QoS and VLAN port isolation.

It comes with two LED lights that indicate whether the link is established and active. Using the Link/Activity LED will indicate if there is a link between two devices or if the loop is blocked. The blue LED will also let you know if there is power. It is also a good choice for a home network. This switch can work for home and office networks alike.

Linksys MG-108

The new multi-gigabit MG-105 and MG-108 Computer Networking Switches from Linksys deliver the speed and bandwidth necessary to support advanced applications. These wall-mountable and desktop switches feature fanless designs that ensure quiet and stable operation. They are ideal for home networks that frequently need to connect multiple devices and support the latest 2.5G technology. The MG-108 and MG-105 each have four Ethernet ports.

The eight-port business switch provides Gigabit speeds for minimizing transfer times, and it can also support wired connections up to 1000 Mbps, boosting the performance. Its plug-and-play feature makes installation quick and simple, and its auto-sensing ports automatically optimize speeds for connected devices. The auto-powerdown feature also enables the switch to shut down unused ports to maximize efficiency.

This multi-gigabit Ethernet switch comes with eight ports and features a metal frame. The Linksys MG-108 supports basic QoS for traffic optimization, an automatic power-saving mode, and a lifetime warranty. The switch weighs just 14 ounces, making it easy to transport between rooms and offices. However, Ethernet connections can be heavy and cause the switch to move. If they are not secured properly, they may damage the unit.

Another multi-gigabit Ethernet switch, the Zyxel MG-108, comes with eight 2.5Gbps ports and is very similar to its 12-port cousin, the XGS1250-12. They are both unmanaged switches and have the same power adapter, but offer a higher number of ports. Despite being identical in looks, the MG-108 is less expensive than the XGS1250-12, but is still a good option if you want to expand your network.

Linksys LGS116P

The Linksys LGS116P Computer Networks Switch has an elegant, rectangular metallic case. It is a compact 16-port switch with two pairs of airflow vents. Unlike most switches, the LGS116P doesn't have an internal fan to cool itself; it relies on passive cooling. The top of the device is unadorned, but it does include a blue Linksys logo to break the monotony of a black matte finish.

The front of the switch features eight 10/100/1000M RJ-45 Ethernet Gigabit ports. All eight support PoE+. Each port has an LED that indicates if it is receiving or transmitting data. If the PoE MAX LED is solid red, the device is receiving power. Otherwise, it blinks once per second, indicating that the power supply is normal. The red LED flashes when the switch detects a PoE max of 126W, while the green LED indicates that the device is not receiving power from the power source.

The LGS116P Computer Networking Switch features a front panel with 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Eight of them support PoE+, which allows power and data to be transferred through Ethernet cables. This feature allows compatible devices to be connected without needing a power outlet. Each port has a dedicated 80 W of power, and the LGS116P is compatible with most network equipment. With a PoE+-enabled front panel, you can easily connect and update your network, regardless of where your power source is located.

Linksys TL-SG108 features

The Linksys TL-SG108 has eight 10/100/1000Mbps ports, allowing it to greatly expand the network capacity. Its Auto MDI/MDX technology eliminates the need for crossover cables, and its full duplex mode allows for data transfer rates of 2000Mbps. Its energy-efficient design also helps save energy, up to 72% in some cases. All these features make the Linksys TL-SG108 an excellent choice for any network.

The Linksys TL-SG108 switch uses innovative energy-saving technologies to significantly expand the network capacity with lower power consumption. The switch is capable of automatically adjusting its power consumption to minimize your network's carbon footprint. Traditional switches continue to consume power even when the devices connected to them are not in use, but with the TL-SG108, idle ports are automatically reduced, resulting in a 72% power savings.

The TL-SG108 desktop switch provides a smooth transition from 10/100 to gigabit Ethernet. This switch allows you to upgrade your network server and backbone without compromising the quality of your connection. And because it has an advanced power-saving technology, the TL-SG108 reduces power consumption up to 72 percent. Its eco-friendliness is another benefit to consider when choosing the TL-SG108.

Linksys TL-SG108 weight

TP-LINK's TL-SG108 is a desktop switch that boosts the speed of your wired network connections. It supports Auto-MDI/MDIX, which means you don't have to worry about which cables you'll need to use. It features auto-negotiation technology, allowing you to connect up to eight devices at the same time and automatically adjusts link speeds to ensure compatibility. The TL-SG108 has 8 non-blocking, 10/100/1000Mbps ports, making it a versatile device for home and office networking.

The TL-SG108 is extremely lightweight, weighing in at less than 14 ounces. It features an eight-port gigabit Ethernet switch, a metal frame, basic QoS for traffic optimization, automatic power-saving mode, and a lifetime warranty. However, the weight of Ethernet connections can make it easily move or be damaged. Make sure you secure all cables properly to protect your TL-SG108 from being pushed around.

Linksys TL-SG108 price

The TL-SG108 desktop switch is a high-performance desktop switch that increases the speed of your network connections. Whether you are connecting to the internet at home or at work, this device will boost your network speed. Its plug-and-play design lets you connect as many devices as you need, while the auto-negotiation features automatically adjust link speeds for compatibility. Its eight 10/100/1000Mbps ports allow you to transfer large bandwidth-intensive files instantly.

Featuring 8 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, the TL-SG108 greatly expands your network's capacity. With this switch, you can easily transfer large files and send them to multiple destinations. Its built-in WiFi feature can connect up to seven devices and transmit reliable internet to each. Once your TL-SG108 is installed, you can begin transferring data to your devices. The TL-SG108 is also very easy to set up and use, thanks to its easy configuration options.

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