Best NETGEAR Computer Networking Switches in 2022

NETGEAR Computer Networking Switches

For businesses looking for reliable computer networking solutions, NETGEAR makes a wide variety of Ethernet switches. From four to 144 ports, NETGEAR switches come with features like Power over Ethernet (POE), multi-gigabit copper or fiber connections, and rackmount options.

LinkSys LGS116P

The NETGEAR LinkSys LG-108 is a 16-port computer networking switch that features a rectangular metal case with a black matte finish. Its top is unadorned, with the exception of a Linksys logo, but it still retains a professional-looking appearance. The LGS116P's configuration is straightforward: simply plug in your power adapter and connect network devices with Ethernet cables. This switch also has cascading capabilities, so you can cascade multiple switches together.

NETGEAR LinkSys LG-116P offers 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports, but only eight of them support PoE+, a technology that allows power and data to be transferred through a network cable. This technology is beneficial for users who need to connect devices that don't have power outlets, such as IP cameras or network hubs. VoIP phones and other devices that are powered by Ethernet can also be connected to the LGS116P.

NETGEAR LinkSys LG-116P has eight 10/100/1000M RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit ports, and they support PoE+. Each port has a PoE MAX LED that is solid red when power is above 126W, and a solid green light that blinks when power is under 120W.

The 16-port Gigabit PoE switch is designed to help you accelerate productivity by delivering Gigabit speeds. This switch supports a variety of networking standards, including PoE+ and QoS, allowing you to manage and control your network with ease. Additionally, this switch supports a wide range of video surveillance solutions and offers a convenient plug-and-play setup that saves time and money.

The LGS116P is small enough to fit on a flat surface without disturbing others. It measures 4.2 x 11.0 x 0.9 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. The LGS116P is not rack-mountable, but its successor, the LGS124P, is. Both versions have screws and four round feet. The LGS116P has a label on its front that lists its model number.

TP-Link MG-108

When it comes to computer networking switches, TP-Link MG-108 offers a range of features that make it a good choice for a home network. It is a plug-and-play device and requires no configuration; all you need to do is connect devices to it with Ethernet cables. The MG-108 also loses one 2.5GbE port, but the lack of this port doesn't make the switch less useful.

It comes with eight 10/100/1000Mbps ports and a limited lifetime warranty. It also features an auto-negotiation 3-speed connection technology that senses link speeds, maximizing the performance of all your devices. This feature enhances the performance of gaming consoles, desktops, and 2.5G WiFi 6 APs. Additionally, the MG-108 features QoS (Quality of Service), which prioritizes gaming traffic and minimizes power consumption.

The MG-108 computer networking switch comes with eight Gigabit ports and is part of the company's Business Desktop Gigabit PoE switch series. These switches offer unmanaged and managed networks and are perfect for home or office networks. The switch can support up to eight connected clients.

The MG-108 is a high-end computer networking switch that supports a variety of protocols. Its eight Gigabit Ethernet ports are capable of transferring large files. Its 2.5Gbps speed and low power consumption make it a great choice for home, workgroup, and office networks.

It is easy to set up. The MG-108 switch has a metal frame, which is durable and lightweight. You can place it on a desk or shelf. If you have to install it on a wall, you'll need to buy a mounting bracket separately.

This computer networking switch has eight Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports. Eight of them support PoE+. The PoE MAX LED is solid red when the switch is over 126W, while the PoE-minimum LED is green when power is below 120W. The switch also has an LED for power status that flashes green when a power supply abnormality occurs.

Another feature worth noting is the internal power supply. Its power supply will automatically adjust according to the length of the Ethernet cable. The device has a power cord and a Quick Installation Guide to help you set up the device.


The TL-SG1008PE is an 8-port Gigabit switch with PoE+, which lets you transfer power and data over a single Ethernet cable. Each PoE port can transfer 30W, making it a great option for high-powered devices. Additionally, it saves you up to 75% on power consumption.

For detailed information on the TL-SG1008PE, you may visit the company's website. You can download a copy of the user's manual, as well as troubleshooting guides. However, you must note that the manual is usually not shipped with the product. However, you can download it from TP-Link's website.


The TL-SF1008P is a high-performance computer networking switch that is designed for desktop use. The switch has four ports that are PoE-compatible and is easy to install. It has a simple desktop design and features outstanding quality and performance.

This unmanaged switch comes with four Ethernet ports and two Gigabit ports. It's a great choice for home users and small offices. The switch is available in different sizes, including 8-port and 16-port versions. It supports both Gigabit and PoE, and is compatible with both wired and wireless networks. It also supports VLAN port isolation and PoE+, which is handy if you're using VOIP and video streaming.

Its sleek, rectangular metallic case is made of high-quality material. It is finished in a dark blue color, and features a carved-in TP-Link logo. A series of air vents on the top are also built into the switch. A fan is also hidden beneath the hexagonal vent hole pattern.

The TL-SF1008P Computer Network Switch has 1.6Gbps switching capacity, making it ideal for connecting a range of devices. The switch also features a 1k MAC address table, which provides substantial space for MAC addresses. It also supports MDI/MDIX, which eliminates the need for crossover cables. The switch also features an integrated power supply, a 1000Mbps switch, and an LED that displays the link/activity state.

The TL-SF1008P Computer Network Switch comes with a four-foot-long chassis with two mounting holes. The chassis is made of metal for durability and can be rack-mounted. It also features eight 10/100/1000 Base-T RJ45 Ethernet ports. Each port has a Power LED that indicates link and activity. LEDs on each port indicate speed, and one blinks for a 1000Mbps connection.

The switch also comes with a wall mounting kit. It has an AC power adapter and wall-mounting screws. It is manufactured by Buffalo Technology, a subsidiary of Melco Holdings Inc. Buffalo Technology is one of the leading networking solutions providers in the industry.

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