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Sabrent USB 2.0 Sharing Switch

The Sabrent USB 2.0 Sharing Switch lets you operate up to four computers at the same time. Using Plug & Play compatibility, you can simply plug the switch into a USB hub and see which computer it is connected to. Then, you can use it to access data on four separate computers. It even shows you which computer is connected to it so you know which one to connect to first. With this switch, you can easily share files and data between four separate computers.

Sabrent (USB-USS4) USB 2.0 sharing switch

Using the Sabrent USB-USS4 sharing switch can help you run up to four computers simultaneously and share data between them. It has Plug & Play compatibility, so you can connect your USB hub and switch between computers with ease. A built-in powered blue LED shows which computer is connected to which ports. This product has a user manual and can be used with Windows XP or Mac 8.6.

A USB switch is an affordable device that allows two computers to share a USB device. The USB switch saves you from purchasing additional USB devices. It also eliminates the hassle of setting up a complicated network. It makes USB peripheral sharing easy and affordable and is perfect for home or business environments. It can be installed and used in minutes. The USB switch is ideal for computer networking. The Sabrent USB-USS4 sharing switch allows two computers to share a USB device and eliminates the need to install complicated software.

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