Giga shower

The GigaShower provides a one way data stream with a larger area at the receiving side. This area might have a diameter of some meters, but also canbe extendet to a large area, lets say a diameter of several 10th of meters and more. This application, as well as all the other IR solutions offered, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Typical data rates are from 1 to 5 Gbps. Similar to radio broadcasting, the data stream can contain one or more different programs. A 5 Gbps data stream may be split into 5 streams each of 1 Gbps or even 50 different streams per 100 Mbps. Identification of the different stream happens on the receiver side, just like selecting one radio program from a range of others.

This application can be very useful in an office situation to make large datafiles quickly available within a certain area. The GigaShower is also a perfect solution for public information, for example in public buildings or areas like airports, exhibition halls, amusement parks, museums, football stadiums, and much more.