Licensing Li-Fi Technology

As a general rule, all technology shown on this website is developed by one of our members and is open for licensing. We also are able to tailor the Li-Fi technology shown to your specific solution or application. If you are interested, please make contact through our contact page and we can explore possibllities.

Developed Li-Fi Technology – Overview

During the last few years, we mainly have focused on technology development with respect to data transmission speed. This was done in relation to different user scenarios. We developed new docking technology as well as wireless high speed data transfer for beaming and providing users with wireless data broadcasting and a wireless data hotspot based on high speed Li-Fi technology. For more information about the different technological approaches, please, use the technology links in the sidebar menu on the right.

Wireless map

The table above shows the general landscape of wireless RF (radio frequency) communication technology compared with IR (infra red) communication technology, related to transmission speed and range (distance). The green area indicates the technological abilities of our currently available developments.

data rates

This table shows the different data rates of the technological solutions we offer. The related interface and wireless range (distance) provides an insight into the technological abilities of our developed products.