Best WatchGuard Computer Networking Wireless Access Points in 2022

WatchGuard Computer Networking Wireless Access Points

If you're looking for a new wireless access point for your business, there are a few options from WatchGuard to consider. Here, we'll discuss the AP 330, AP 225W, and the MU-MIMO version of the AP 330. The WatchGuard AP 330 is a popular choice because of its powerful MU-MIMO support, which ensures that your employees can work together seamlessly.

WatchGuard AP 330

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi 6 access point that is ideal for mid-density indoor environments, the WatchGuard AP 330 is the best choice for your needs. Designed with the highest-quality Wi-Fi 6 technology, the AP330 delivers superior Wi-Fi performance and comes with WPA3 encryption for integrated security. This access point is also managed with the WatchGuard Cloud, giving you hands-on access to its advanced management tools.

With three Wi-Fi radios, this AP supports dual band client access and non-access smart scanning. It also supports WIPS, RF optimization, and the latest certifications for network assurance. These features help to protect your network and improve your user experience. For the ultimate in wireless security, the AP330 also offers MU-MIMO technology to maximize the performance of your wireless network.

The cloud-based platform from WatchGuard is a simplified management platform for enterprise-grade Wi-Fi deployment and management. It eliminates the need for physical or virtual infrastructure, allowing you to scale from one to unlimited number of access points. You can create multiple environments for your business and group them by location, building, customers, or remote users. You can even create separate cloud environments for different locations.

WatchGuard AP 225W

The WatchGuard AP 225W Computer networking wireless access point is designed for multi-dwelling units, military housing, and shared office spaces. This wireless access point comes with mounting hardware, a bracket, and screws. It also features a patented security solution that prevents wireless threats. Users can access their network status and perform troubleshooting from a central management panel.

The AP 225W features a web UI for basic configuration settings. It is compatible with Fireware v12.1 and higher. The CLI provides basic commands for APs. If you are familiar with command-line operations, refer to WatchGuard's Knowledge Base. It can be used to perform administrative tasks and manage legacy AP100/102/AP300 models.

The AP can be easily configured using the Gateway Wireless Controller. The WatchGuard AP is compatible with the Firebox, so you can use the Firebox to manage the wireless network. If you want to configure the AP with a different SSID, refer to the Basic Wi-Fi Quick Start to get started. Once you're ready, refer to the AP deployment overview for detailed instructions. If you are planning to deploy the WatchGuard AP, consider the coverage, capacity, and security of your wireless network before you begin.

After installing the Firebox, you can manage your WatchGuard AP 225W computer networking wireless access point. You can download firmware updates from WatchGuard's website. To upgrade the firmware on your AP, follow the instructions on the page and save the image to your computer. Once you have saved the image, you can access the WatchGuard Software Downloads page and choose the Firmware Upgrade option from the left navigation menu.

WatchGuard AP 330 with MU-MIMO

The WatchGuard AP 330 is an all-purpose Wi-Fi 6 access point, ideal for medium-density indoor environments. Its features include two-way, optimized Wi-Fi 6 radio scanning and six internal antennas. Maximum TX power is 22 dBm and antenna gain is 2dBi. It has a single 2.5-gigabit Ethernet port for high-speed data transfer. It supports up to 1.2 Gbps in the 5 GHz band and up to 574 Mbps on the 2.4-GHz band.

The WatchGuard AP 330 features dual-band MU-MIMO technology, which allows a single AP to serve multiple client devices at once. This increases throughput by reducing the amount of time each device must wait for a transmission. It's also useful for SMBs, which typically have more than 50 devices that need to share the same Wi-Fi network.

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